Meaning and Advantages of Low Cost Directory Submission

Published: 22nd April 2009
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It is a know fact that Directory Submission is one of the most important tasks in promoting a website. Basically web directories are catalogues containing sites ranked in categories. A link is placed to the respective site corresponding to the category. When a company says, it will do directory submission for you, it means it will add links or submit your website as per its category. Some companies have rights with certain directories and some of them are in contract. Whichever, way, the purpose of advertising your website through these directories is fulfilled by these companies on your behalf.

Basically, directory submission of websites is done to get permanent one- way links, to get links valued by search engines, to receive a continuous flow of links and to increase the chance of link approvals. All these things help in increasing the popularity of your website/s.

While directory submissions are done there are certain things one needs to avoid in order to attain good results: Be very specific in giving Titles, description, keywords, category, URL name/Domain name, Email and Site Content. All of these are deciding factors in increasing the circulation of your website. So, when you put up all these, be cautious about what is being written about your website. Anything negative or out of the order can harm your website very much. So, be clear in what you want your website to say.

The advantage of getting directory submission through any of the leading Seo Company is beneficial as your website is being submitted by an Expert SEO Team who knows how to and where to put your website. Only relevant links are added to your site and all the irrelevant links are sidelined, increasing the possibility of increasing the Page Ranking of your site. This kind of directory submission also reduces insignificant traffic to reach your site, making your site more genuinely placed. The descriptions and titles added to your site get a better place in searchibility section of Google.

Other advantages of directory submission includes the freedom to choose and target multiple search items, avoiding duplication of submissions, getting up - to - date live reports and to be able to manage multiple sites from a single account.

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